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Roka Dura Wine & Grill

About Roka Dura

"This is a good place for a restaurant"

...said Juan Carlos González (owner) when he saw that beautiful view of this mountain of Orocovis, Puerto Rico. From there he got the idea of a Wine and Grill Restaurant. The construction began and with it the removal of portions of that mountain to create the wall and foundation. A daily topic of discussion was how hard the stone was! He realized that the entire mountain was a huge rock.

So he decided to call it just that, Roka Dura (Hard Rock).



* Wed. and Thu. 11am to 11pm
* Fri. and Sat. 11am to 12am
* Sunday 11am to 9pm

* Monday (only on holidays) 11am

Crafted Beer

At Roka Dura Wine and Grill we have more than 50 different brands of crafted beer.

Live Music

Every weekend we have live music with local bands and artists performing Merengue, Salsa, Bachata and Tropical music.

Roka Dura Villages

Exclusive and beautiful village with five cottages for 2 to 12 people with TV, kitchen, bathroom, pool, gazebo and many others amenities.