Clarksville military couple adopts twins from terminally ill mother

A Clarksville military couple is set to adopt twins from an expecting mother, who has just months left to live.

Reeve and Andrew Kraszewski have two little girls, 5-year-old Aurdrey and 3-year-old Raelynn, who they previously adopted. Unfortunately, one person is missing from this family; their son Wyatt Samuel Kraszewski.

Wyatt was born with a congenital heart defect. At 18 months old, he caught a virus that spread to his heart. His parents said they found him unresponsive.

“He had passed in his sleep, and he did CPR, but you kind of just know that even though you’re trying your best, that he wasn’t going to make it,” Revee said.

“It’s hard not to think of it, as everything from this point forward has happened because we lost our son,” Andrew said. “It kind of makes everything a little hard to enjoy.”

Instead of giving up, they decided to turn their tragedy into an opportunity to help someone else. They decided to adopt again.

“It’s just kind of something that we can continue to pay it forward for Wyatt,” Andrew said.

Revee met an expectant mother of twins, does not want to be identified, through a mutual friend.

From the beginning, that mother told the couple that doctors gave her less than a year to live due to cystic fibrosis. Doctors said she had less than a 30 percent change of surviving child birth.

“They told her ‘if you get an abortion, we can give you a transplant and you can live longer,’ and she said ‘I’m not going to do that,’” Revee said.

The expectant mother made the choice to sacrifice time off of her life so that her babies could live with a new family.

“To me, that’s amazing,” Revee said. “To know that she would give her life for her children makes me want to be a better mom for my kids and to take care of these twins.”

Revee said doctors are concerned that one of the twins may also have cystic fibrosis. The family will find out soon after a prenatal test called an amniocentesis.

Still, the Kraszewskis said the adoption process is worth it.

“You’re changing a child’s life, and you may be changing the life of that expectant mom, who may have chosen a different route,” Revee said.

Revee and Andrew met with the expectant mother over the weekend and found out the gender of the twins: one boy and one girl. She is due in October.

The family is raising money to help with the adoption through the Both Hands Foundation.

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